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Learning Portal - LMS

Are you looking for a Learning Management System (LMS) to manage the competence within your organization? We've packaged one of the world's most widely used LMSs, Moodle, in three levels depending on your performance needs - at great prices.

Rapid Factory

Rapid Factory is our name for a simple process we created to quickly and efficiently create rapid eLearning. In it, we have documented process flows, tools and support for a joint customer projects. These together provide a very cost-effective course development.

SaaS - Learning Portal - LMS

Get started quickly and easily! We’ll provide the portal - you focus on training!

We can install the entire platform either in your IT system or we can host the LMS for you. 

You can focus on your competence development - without having to worry about the technology! We have extensive knowledge in several Open Source Learning Management Systems, which have no licensing costs, making them, on the whole, a very affordable option. Moodle, for example, was designed with sound pedagogical principles to help educators create effective training programs.

A Learning Portal (LMS) is the core of your training eco-system.

Learn - Cooperate - Communicate!

A Learning Portal for all your possible educational situations.

  • Traditional classroom training.
  • Completely web-based training.
  • Blended learning.

We provide the technology!

You provide the content for the course.

What competences needs to be achieved?

How will these competences be achieved? 

What pedagogical strategies should be used to achieve these skills?

Your needs determine what features you need. Start simple and then scale up the platform when the need arises. Choose your plug-ins as needed.

Would you like to know about the features?

There are different types of learning activities to challenge employees in their competence development

Course Administration - Author courses - Upload courses - SCORM - Assignments - Testing - Reporting and monitoring - Calendar - Surveys - Communication via the internal messaging system - Chat - Forum - Wikis and Social networks.

An important element in today's training is the ability to communicate with other employees and in social forums. This is of course possible for the users in our Open Source LMS!

Rapid Factory

C3P – Coach – Clean – Convert – Publish

Due to our extensive experience in both traditional learning and new learning platforms, we have effective processes, tools and the infrastructure to manage "the Rapid Factory".

Rapid Factory is based on an evolutionary process where all activities take place prospectively, with tools and methods that automate the steps as much and as reasonably as possible.

Our job starts with a script from you in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. We then further develop the script with tools that can manipulate text, images and animations – with no duplication of work!

These developments include:

  • sound recording, 
  • synchronizing audio and animations, 
  • interactions, exercises and tests.

The material is then published and delivered as an eLearning course.

We will guide you in creating an pedagogic and visual appealing PowerPoint script.